Mirjana Prljevic

CEO, Consultant for Strategic Positioning, Square Compass Consulting

Mirjana Prljević is an International Strategic Positioning Advisor Founder, owner and director of Square Compass Consulting, founded in 1993. Mirjana Prljević is a world-renowned advisor with over 25 years of experience in Strategic Positioning in the field of entrepreneurship and business intelligence.

Mirjana lives and works on the Belgrade-Paris route. Her book - practicum "Positioning strategy as the key to success" has been published in seven languages. She is the author of dozens of professional texts and analyzes in the field of strategic positioning of countries, cities and organizations, energy efficiency, sustainable development, business diagnostics, youth entrepreneurship and start-up companies. She has been a guest lecturer at several universities around the world: Harvard University, London School of Commerce, BIMBA-Beijing International MBA, Antai College Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Moscow Higher School of Economics, Science Po Paris-Dijon.

Around the world, Mirjana holds a MasterClass "T²: TESLA SQUARE - Digital Transformation, the influence of analogue and digital signal on the perception of the mind." She is the author of a trilogy inspired by the character and work of Nikola Tesla: Academy of Little Geniuses TESLA GENIUS®, TESLIANUM® Almanac, and T²: TESLA SQUARE® which are realized around the world. She is the president of the chapter for Southeast Europe of the Swiss foundation "stars" - stars SEE alumni Chapter President, intended for the education of future world leaders.