Mantolo Mapheleba


Mantolo Mapheleba grew up in Lesotho. She holds a BA in Social Work from the National University of Lesotho. Mantolo has spent her post ­graduation life providing others with the support they need when life seems more than they can handle.

As a girl who grew up in the rural parts of the country, she knows firsthand how devastating poverty can be on young people's lives and dreams. Thus she has been involved with an NGO called FoodBank Machache, whose aim is to collect and redistribute food items to the destitute members of her community. She has utilized her experience as a social worker to offer career guidance to the youth of her community

Mantolo currently volunteers as an administration officer at Commonwealth Businesswomen's Network Lesotho Chapter. CBWN is focused on encouraging and embedding women in leadership and economic empowerment. She is also engaged in the Youth and Finance committees in the planning of Commonwealth Africa' s first Summit to be held in March 2022 in Kenya titled: The Commonwealth Advantage and AFCTA: Gender Pathways.