Edna Laboso


Edna Chepkurui Laboso is a trained journalist and experienced communications and strategy professional.

She has worked over a period of 10+ years in different organizations and projects starting out as an untrained employee doing menial jobs like data entry to becoming experienced in business and project communications, digital media and creative strategy.  She has worked in various organizations including community-based organizations, regional non-profit, international donor organizations and international corporate organizations. 

Edna is a multi-skilled and flexible professional who easily fits in any kind and level of work environment and transfer knowledge and skills across different sectors. Her personal values including resilience, persistence and humorous nature have seen her endure difficulties in life to achieve goals that were elusive based on her background. They have made her very flexible in multicultural work environments to build strong business relations among diverse stakeholders especially those that have very differing and conflicting interests. Coming from a background without history of higher education, Edna is a groundbreaking innovator who is intrigued by building novel ideas to solve pressing issues while making profits.