Mahlet Endalku Beshah


Mahlet has an MA in Health Social Work and she is currently pursuing another MA in Human Rights and Cultural Diversity at the University of Essex, London. She has practiced protection at Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps, host communities, and Refugee camps in, South Sudan and Ethiopia.

Working with women, girls, people with specific needs and other vulnerable groups gave her the opportunity to know better about protection for these groups. Mahlet has been working as a Response officer in Gender Program
with the IRC and as a Resettlement Associate under the protection unit with UNHCR in facilitating durable solutions for refugees. She has worked in conflicting areas where there is emergency service provision. She worked with NP in South Sudan as International Protection Officer implementing a project focusing on strengthening women’s leadership in violence prevention, conflict management, and peacebuilding.

Mahlet is trained in, Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies, Engaging Men Through Accountable Practice, Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, Community Based Protection, community and interview skills, Protection Induction and Case Management.