Grace Houndafoche


Holder of a professional Master's degree in agronomy, crop protection option, Grace is currently a volunteer at International NGO Page Verte, Benin representation.

Motivated, dynamic and committed to the fight against climate change,she is also a member of the Taskforce Benin Youth4Climate (BY4C). Having a particular interest in the preservation of the environment, her final studies for the bachelor and master's degree were oriented towards the proposal of biological control methods against crop pests in agriculture. Nominated as a Green Climate Ambassador for Africa by the CCAO Network in 2020, and recently as a Senior Certified Climate Restoration Advocate by the Foundation for Climate Restoration, this passion for climate restoration and biodiversity protection has increased her devotion to environmental activism. Thus, as a founding member of the Green Page NGO in Benin and a Taskforce activist, Grace organizes activities and training/mentoring sessions related to environmental preservation in order to raise the awareness of her youth peers on the current climate emergency.

Grace aspires to create a better world with less greenhouse gas emissions, a restoration of the climate while passing a green education of the youth, and initiation of the producers to the techniques of ecological agriculture.