Dr Rosalía Arteaga Serrano

CEO, FIDAL Foundation & President of Advisory Council, CoFuturo Foundation

Rosalía Arteaga is the first Ecuadorian woman becoming President and Vice-President of the Republic of Ecuador. She was also Vice-minister of Culture and Minister of Education.

Currently, Dr. Arteaga is CEO of FIDAL Foundation and President of International University of La Rioja UNIR - Ecuador.

She is member of the following institutions:

Dr. Arteaga is Honorary Professor of Fujian University in China, University of Tarapoto in Peru and Catholic University of Cuenca in Ecuador, and Doctor Honoris Causa from the California International University, Distinguished Fellow of the American Society of Diplomacy and Political Science, Numbered Academician fo the International Academy of Social Sciences IASS, Palm Beach, Honorary Professor of University of San Pablo-T, Lifetime Achievement Award Mrs. Benazir Bhutto given by the International Human Rights Commission.

Dr. Arteaga is a writer, gives conferences, promotes education and environment care, and collaborates with some national and international media.

Her books include essays, poetic prose, poetry, tales and children and young literature. Her poems have been part of various anthologies in Ecuador and other countries.