Dr Sudhakar Bangera

Managing Partner, AILEEN Clinical Research Services

Extensive work experience of 28 years in health-care (Hospitals and Medical Schools), of which 23 years are in global and local Clinical/ Contract Research Organisations, Academic Research Organisation, Site Management Organisation, Medical Imaging, Clinical Bioavailability and Bioequivalence (BA-BE), Public Health, and Pharmaceutical and Vaccine Manufacturing companies.

A multifaceted dynamic healthcare and clinical research professional combined with prompt and astute decision-making capabilities and organisational skills. A demonstrated and proven track record for managing businesses, administration of 290+ employees, and coordination of several
hundred complex global programs (clinical studies) in various capacities.

Held top managerial positions as COO, Country Manager, Vice-President, Director, Project Manager and Professor in national and international organisations and institutions. Experienced (23 years+) clinical development professional with a “roll up the sleeves", "on the floor” attitude with strong quantitative/ qualitative reasoning abilities and expert in delivering full scope BA-BE, Phase 1 to 4 Clinical and Medical Imaging studies in different roles. Strong leadership, communication & problem-solving skills, and capability to enthuse, motivate and involve individuals and teams; passionate, forward-thinking and growth-oriented individual with an analytical bent of mind who likes to take up new challenges and believes in thinking out-of-the-box.