Dr Maria Frangieh

Managing Director, Socialprise & Lecturer, University USJ

Maria Frangieh is a university instructor, Doctorate in Business Administration graduate, with emphasis in Web Tools and knowledge sharing (digital marketing in marketing and HR).

She is also a founder and managing director of Socialprise, a digital marketing and communications agency operating globally for more than a decade. Digital marketing consultant for major International and Lebanese brands such as BMW, Renault, Librex Holding and Château Ksara, G spa, Redpro Real Estate, Wurth, Health Essentials, Laboratoires Filorga, Puressentiel, Nutreov, Pharmacie Le Gabriel, YEPREM, among others, including public figures.

Maria is also a blogger (http://www.mariafrangieh.com) and personally active online on different social media platforms. Lecturer at Haigazian University and USJ, she has offered courses in French and English in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Digital Business, Social Media Marketing Management, Digital Business and E-commerce, among others. Maria has offered various workshops, in Lebanon, Jordan and USA, in digital marketing and personal branding online. In addition to private coaching on social media personal branding of public figures.