Noura Mokhtari


Noura is a law school graduate and a current civil servant at an external service of the Algerian commerce ministry. She was born in Oran, a coastal city situated in the north-west of Algeria, and she lives there.

Noura is a highly ambitious and positive woman who perceives obstacles as challenges to surmount and difficulties as lessons to learn from, she is a natural leader and a change maker. Completely convinced that any change in the situation of women can only be achieved by fostering their legal status in her country, she pursued and got a bachelor degree in Law and a certificate of lawyer professional skills from the University of Oran and a master degree in Law from the University of Mostaganem. Passionate about women empowerment in her society and fully aware that any country cannot move forward unless women obtain equal economic and political participation in their society, Noura decided to harness her professional experience and academic qualifications to achieve that objective.

Noura’s mentor is Amin Nehme.