Fadwa Alhalaika


Dr Alhalaiqa is associate professor/dean of nursing faculty at Philadelphia University, Jordan. She finished her PhD from the University of East Anglia UK, 2013.

Dr. Alhalaiqa lectures nursing health sciences. Her clinical work was developed in psychiatric- mental health field particularly in stress, gender-based violence and psycho-social health problems. She keen to highlight the importance of leadership and psycho-social research in developing her country. Dr. Alhalaiqa is member of the advisory board of psychological sciences association ((PSA)/Jordan, Chair-person of training and international relationship committees PSA, member of OWSD and member of Cochrane hypertension group. Dr. Alhalaiqa’s has more than 30 research papers that were published in high prestigious journals; One of her paper was cited more than 85 times. Also she also an active person in community service through providing health education by workshops, seminar, TV, radio, newspaper and social media.

Fadwa’s mentor is Maha Samaha.