Mazoon Al Zadjali


Mazoon grew up not knowing what to do in her life or how her future will be, at the age of 15 years in a dark day her friend was facing an issue which she asked Mazoon for help, at that moment Mazoon couldn’t help and didn’t know how to advise or help her.

Coming back home she kept on wondering how about youth in the country if her friend is facing some issues and there is no guidance and no youth centres for help, how will youth in the country be educated towards their issues and stop creating troubles. She started discovering who she is from the eye of other youth around her and join (Youth Peer Educational Network) funded by (UNFPA). Joining Ypeer gave Mazoon the courage to understand youth and advise them, educate them by fun edutainment methods. The youth cases she still handles are ( HIV AIDS, Reproductive health rights, suicide, drugs, unemployment, family issues and self-development issues). She participated in many conferences and workshops worldwide to understand the mentality of youth from different culture and background interacting more to get better way helping and educating young people. Mazoon has many projects implemented in the country which are not funded by any sectors 1- Invest in Youth 2- Youth Chats 3- Sawalif Shabab 4- Beyond borders Oman Those projects creating a buzz in the country where young people feel very confidant having their space to share and explore themselves. Mazoon comes from different family background, she’s 4th sister total of 6 daughters. Her parents are very understandable and encouraging what she’s doing with no hesitation. She’s a traveller and explorer. Mazoon runs an adventure women empowerment project called “Beyond Borders Oman”. Where she wanted to encourage girls to break their borders and enjoy nature by going for adventure trips and challenges to give those girls more courage and support to get out of their bubble and experience something amazing. Mazoon recently has been awarded by the Russian president V. Putin For her success among 30.000 participants at the 19th youth and students festival 2017. As well she still runs her volunteering group and spreading awareness.

Mazoon’s mentor is Nizar Fakih.