Velislava Dzhambazova


Velislava was born in a family of mathematics teachers. She studied in foreign language school “Bertolt Brecht” in Pazardzhik with German and English. Then she received a Bachelor’s degree in Urbanism from the University of Architecture, Civil engineering and Geodesy.

Meanwhile, she worked as technical assistance in Architecture studio “ProArh”, then in “TerraArh”, Municipality of Dolna banya and Ministry of education. After her Bachelor, she made a master in the same field – Urbanism. Her master thesis was about Metro region Sofia and its development to 2020. Velislava participated in the Erasmus program at Haffencity University and her Bulgarian University. She was a trainee in the Ministry of regional development and construction. After her graduation, Velislava works as an urban planner for some urban regeneration and development plans and as a consultant of some municipalities to choose a company that had made the same plans. When she saw how these most important plans were made she decided to make her own company because she really believed that these plans help municipalities work better and develop itself. Now Velislava wants to develop her company on an international level and to make international projects.

Velislava’s mentor is Iwona Jordan.