Anastasia Xagorari


Anastasia is 25 years old and lives in beautiful and sunny Athens, Greece. She has studied International, European and Area Studies at Panteion University and has graduated at the top 1% of her class.

Due to her academic performance, she has earned a scholarship from the Bodossaki Foundation, which funded her postgraduate studies at Athens University of Economics and Business. While studying, Anastasia was a digital marketer at a tech start-up company. They saw her love and passion for technology and they trusted her in their business. As it was a heavy period, she decided to focus more on her master studies and left the company. After completing her master, Anastasia started to work at Vodafone Greece as a Discover Graduate. Today she is still at Vodafone, in her 2nd year of Discover Scheme. Besides that, she has a dog, Sissy and loves her very much. Anastasia is an active volunteer. She also enjoys Marvel movies and series and is a fun of aerial yoga.

Anastasia’s mentor is George Mavrelis.