Sedra Ny Aina Rakotovao


Aina is a young, Malagasy, female activist who devoted six years of her life to expanding her knowledge about health as a medical student.

Her heart for public and global health pushed her to join the Caring Response Madagascar Foundation (CRMF) during which she served as a volunteer for international doctors who gave free care on the eastern coast of Madagascar. Upon her three years’ volunteer service within CRMF through One Way for Change and her five years an intern at seven local hospitals, labs, and clinics in-country, she decided to move her health journey into a more global level. Her advocacy to healthcare and gender equity and women empowerment made her be selected to represent Madagascar in the Women Leaders in Global Health 2019 in Kigali, Rwanda on November 9-10, 2019. She is also known for her love for soccer and body workout as a daily self-care becoming a real passion and anti-stress. Being an inspiration for young generations of girls was always her dream. Her biggest wish is to see Madagascar grow economically, politically, and humanly.

Aina’s mentor is Suzana Frazao-Pinheiro.