Anisha Mordaunt

South Africa

Anisha Mordaunt is a 23-year-old South African Entrepreneur. She matriculated from Pretoria Chinese School with 2nd place in her class and academic half colours. She received a certificate for Chinese language proficiency and was selected to form part of the school's Student Representative council in matric.

Anisha was accepted into medical school at WITS University in Johannesburg, South Africa, but after 2years of medical school, she decided to pursue her passion in the fashion industry. While studying Fashion design in LISOF, Anisha undertook a few projects and part-time jobs. In the second year, she started the "HOME HOODIE" project and began to sell hoodies to African students with the flag of their respective country printed on the front and the words "HOME" above the flag. She also took on a part-time job as an Au-Pair along with waitressing. In her final year, she started a small scale clothing manufacturing company called Grasshopper Green, which provided CMT services to designers and upcoming brands. Throughout her fashion studies she often tailor-made dresses and wardrobe collections for clients. Anisha graduated in 2019 and is currently the founder of an online Peer to Peer Market Place called Local Art.

Anisha’s mentor is Eleni Glinou.