Seema Aziz

Founder & Managing Director, Sefam

Seema Aziz is the founder and Managing Director of Sefam and the Chairperson of CARE Foundation.

Seema began her retail career in 1985 when she co-founded Bareezé, one of Pakistan’s leading high-end fashion retailers, with her brother Hamid. Bareezé quickly became the first Pakistani textile producer to export high-quality fabrics to international markets.

Seema expanded her textile business to over six different brands, under the umbrella of Sefam, with over a hundred stores across Pakistan and in six countries around the world. Seema also founded and Chairs the CARE Foundation in 1988. What started as one school built in the wake of a destructive flood has today grown to 888 schools throughout Pakistan that serve more than 280,000 students. Seema believes that there are parallels between her two ventures, emphasizing in both a commitment to quality and a conviction in leading by example.