Natalia Gontsova


Natalia Gontsova is born and raised in Russia. A sociologist, an advocate for human rights, she is passionate about connecting cultures, countries, people and ideas in search of solutions to social issues. Her areas of interests include diversity, integration, education, refugee and migrant issues. Since 2014 she has been working directly with migrants and refugees in Ireland and in Russia, providing consultations, support, advocating for their rights.

Natalia has a degree in International Relations from Nizhny Novgorod State Linguistic University and a joined Master’s degree in International Migration and Social Cohesion from University of Amsterdam, University of Bilbao and University College Dublin. Her education background allows Natalia to have a broad international prospective on important social issues.

Natalia is currently a German Chancellor Fellow at Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. She lives in Berlin and researches German grassroots organization for refugee reception and integration in order to learn directly from the innovators in the field. She. Natalia is a strong believer in the world without walls and borders and in the importance of sharing knowledge and ideas for sustainable growths.