Angeliki Papadopoulou

Nigeria/ Greece

Angeliki was born in Greece and partly raised in Nigeria. She ha been privileged to experience both cultures which are rich and unique in its own way. Being raised by a Greek father and Nigerian mother made her understand the culture and the way of thinking.

She started her early education in Greece and later completed it in Nigeria. She would say she got her interest for business from her parents who started a few businesses including a chandelling business in the heart of Port Harcourt in the late 90’s.
After her studies, she got a few roles in corporations which allowed her to explore the corporate industry. Presently she works at A.G LEVENTIS PLC under one of its division “LEVENTIS MOTORS” as a Sales Executive and during this period she has developed her skills in communication, leadership, teamwork, time management and also problem solving.
Potentially she would like to set up her own business in the future and for this reason she is making plans to start a business management degree which she believes will aid her.

Angeliki sees herself as a very capable and enthusiastic person who will grasp any challenge with both hands.