Salsabeel Alnnijy


A physician with an administration and entrepreneurship attitude, Salsabeel has been through a plethora of training on mental health and therapies related to human energy science.

Working in this field was very exciting and renewable, every patient she has met was an inspired story for her. They were trying to survive with all the bad conditions they 've been through, they have taught her how to have patience and how to be a friendly mentor sometimes and a needy mentee another time.

Salsabeel has been through this work volunteering and as paid work part time and full time. That field made her a better person in administration also as an entrepreneur. She believes that we should improve our skills and that being multifunctional would make us have a great ability to adapt. She also believes that once you try to be different and successful and you know the right way to do that for sure, you will, just educate yourself and be positive.