Marwa Ahmad

Lebanon/ Japan

Marwa holds a Ph.D. in Global Society Studies and a minor M.A. in Global Resource Management from Doshisha University, Kyoto – Japan. Her doctoral research focused on the effect of Mobile phones on the Agency and Social Capital of people of different socioeconomic status.

As a life-long learner who enjoys a good challenge, Marwa went for a 2nd Master's in Instructional Technologies at San Francisco State University, California. She dreams of reforming online Education, by making e-Learning more engaging and effective in knowledge retention. That is why, she aims to pursue the entrepreneurial journey in Silicon Valley, by offering learning modules that use immersive technologies, like AR and VR in their teaching.

Before embarking on her academic and entrepreneurial endeavour, Marwa held a BA in Translation and Interpretation from Notre Dame University, Beirut. Subsequently, she worked as translator and research assistant at two influential Think Tanks in policy and research in the Arab world: the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, a Qatar-based research center affiliated to the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies; and the renowned Centre for Arab Unity Studies, Beirut.