Mariana Ramadan


Mariana Ramadan was born and raised in Beirut Lebanon. She holds a B.A in Political and Administrative Sciences from Saint Joseph University and a Master’s degree in Migration management from Pompeu Fabra Universitat.

She is currently working as a Senior Program Officer for professional development component in QITABI a USAID funded project that aims to increase enrollment and retention in the formal education system by improving the school environment in 300 public schools located across various regions in Lebanon, affecting 60,000 students. One of its targets is to support MEHE in building a child-friendly school through the development of Life Skills in Education activities as well as designing and executing an ICT plan for primary school classes.  

Mariana’s role is to handle all Procurement and Logistics procedures for the component, along with the external relationships with stakeholders regarding training sessions and follow-ups. She is currently leading in the design of a new element in the component targeting life skills and Professional orientation of students in Lebanese Public Schools.