Luisa Kern


After high school in Munich (with six months in Minnesota, US) Luisa attended a General Studies program at Leibniz Kolleg. With improved political (and Swedish and Italian) knowledge and a new-found passion for Peace Studies, she went on to a French-German dual degree in Political Science (Sciences Po Paris/FU Berlin).

After two incredible and challenging years in France, following a trilingual curriculum, diving into International Law and Human Rights, joining an organization for genocide prevention, organizing two fashion shows and participating in MUNs she moved to Berlin. There she has participated in multiple workshops on EU topics.

Concerned about climate change she spent two months in 2017 on a German Island working in coastal protection and education. Last summer she attended a summer school on Conflict Management in Utrecht and participated in a European project close to Berlin, leading political workshops for youth. In December she’ll go to Moscow, for a Winter School on Russian politics. Later on, she would love to focus on Peace and Conflict Studies and specifically post-conflict peacebuilding and transitional justice.