Walaa Thabet


Currently, Walaa is working as a researcher and lecturer at Pollution lab, Marine Environment Division, National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Egypt, and is a member of the Egyptian Academy for Environmental Development. She has received a bachelor degree in Chemistry/Oceanography, a master degree in chemical oceanography and Ph.D. in marine pollution in the subject of oil spill removal.

Her main field of work is marine pollution, Thus, she is interested in marine sciences, pollution issues, treatment techniques, and environmental management. Walaa was awarded a couple of scholarships about ocean governance and blue growth and water management which provides some managerial knowledge. Also, she is one of the organizing team NIOF, they organized several scientific events, trainings, workshops and a conference. Also, she was a Co-Principle Investigator in two scientific projects. Now Walaa is working for promotion Associate professor in the same time trying to make a little bit shift by applying and taking courses and training about leadership, management, science diplomacy, coaching and environmental consultation, to work in the field of environmental management and protection at one of the multinational organizations.