Hanna Kristin Skaftadottir

Director, Poppins & Partners

Hanna Kristín is the director and co-founder of Poppins & Partners, a female lead innovation and start-up consultation firm. She holds a MSc in Finance and Auditing, BSc in business administration and studied developmental psychology and linguistics at Stanford University.

She holds a position at the Technical College of Reykjavik where she teaches innovation- and entrepreneurship courses.
She has an extensive background in entrepreneurship and especially in Edtech. She was the CFO of Rekode - a company that specialised in teaching young children how to code, Rekode got into TechStars and operated in the US for some time. She also founded the early education company Mimi Creations, that specialises in the production and publishing of animated material to enhance and improve the development of speech and communication for all toddlers. Hanna Kristin has given seminars and lectures in the US and Europe on her methodology with Mimi Creations. She is a part of the Nordic Ed-tech Alliance. She is on the board of advisors for several startup companies alongside holding board member position at a diverse set of companies and foundations.

Hanna Kristín also serves as the Chairman of Iceland for the Gava Project a charity foundation that operates in Uganda. She has co-operated with schools in Uganda on working to improve the education material and methodology in how to help volunteers use gestures and new methodology to connect with the children of Kampala - in the poorest areas - where language is a barrier to communication with the volunteers. With great success the project is empowering the children and the volunteers to enhance the development of their interactive skills.