2nd Athena40 Global Conversation - Female Leadership


March 2, 2020

2nd Athena40 Global Conversation -

"The Case on Female Leadership: Do our Societies Need it & Why?"

In March 2019, Athena40 connected innovative and diverse women, who participated in a synchronised global conversation that had 45 international speakers debating live across 4 continents in 6 countries (New York - London - Athens - Amman - Istanbul - Lahore), just ahead of Women’s Day on 8th March, in front of an audience of 500 influencers, women and men.

In March 2, 2020 Athena40 is expanding the global conversation to 10 countries on 5 continents.

California - London - Athens - Amman - Beirut - Joburg - Istanbul - Karachi 

(more cities to be announced)

  1. What progress has been achieved in the past years with regards to women in leadership in your country?
  2. Where are the major challenges and opportunities?
  3. Who are the real change-makers, can you think of leading women who are making -or have made a difference- in your country? What have you learned from them, what actions that they have taken have changed things to the better?
  4. What can be done to promote diversity, inclusivity and women in leading positions?
  5. What does ‘’Female Leadership” mean to you? How do you define it and do you think there are misconceptions that need to be brought down?

This is a unique event of access to and engagement of local influencers with a global impact.

The gathering will be attended by an audience of 3,000 women and men across the 10 countries who will participate in the 2nd Athena40 Global Conversation.


(*more to be announced)

London Panel

California Panel

Amman Panel

Istanbul Panel

Karachi Panel

If your organisation wishes to participate and host a panel, please get in touch with us at info@athena40.org

The search for the first Athenas is currently underway and the results will be announced during the 2nd  Athena40 Global Conversation with an international conference to take place in London on April 23rd, 2020.