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On behalf of our group and partners, we would like to invite you to join us for an evening and panel discussion dedicated to 

Mentoring & Creating Global Opportunities - "Athena Mentoring Programme for Women" 

Minneapolis - October 10, 2019

The Global Thinkers Mentors Programmes (GTM)
As mentoring has grown in popularity in recent years as all the more people understand the value and importance of the role of an insightful mentor, so have the numbers of young individual who are in need of guidance in deciding on their entry to the job market, understanding cross-cultural issues and finding the right paths to be integrated into the global economy while also thriving on a personal level. 
GTM is part of our organisation’s women’s empowerment and youth development goals. GTM connects mentees with thought leaders from around the world, mentors who come from a diverse range of professions. 
The aim is to add value to the lives of women and young individuals through one-on-one interaction with inspiring people, willing to guide and advise them on issues of career and life. It is also about bridging the gap between the current and future leaders of the world. We create positive change by nurturing the next generation of leaders who will understand the importance of accountability and values-based decision making. 

Our Programmes have an 8-month duration and they benefit young men and women between 18-29. Launched in 2015, more than two hundred young people from around the world have directly benefited from the programme thus far. 

On the evening we will announce the expansion of our ‘Athena’ mentoring programme for Women to Minnesota. 

The event is invitation-only. Invitations will be served on a first come first basis. 

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