Nomination Criteria (English)



The Global Thinkers Forum (GTF) African Awards for Excellence seek to recognize and honour the achievements, accomplishments, value and contributions of exceptional women from the African continent.

The nominees should be outstanding trailblazers who demonstrate excellence in bringing about positive social transformation with impact on a national, regional or global level.

1. General rules

  • Nominees shall be female and over 18 years of age.
  • Women from any country in Africa are eligible.
  • Current members of the Nnabagereka Development Foundation Board, GTF Board and the GTF African Awards Planning Committee are not eligible.
  • Awards may be posthumous.
  • Recipients must be present at the GTF African Awards for Excellence ceremony to receive the award.
  • The official nomination form must be used.

2. Award categories

The awards will honour women who have excelled in any of the following areas:

  • Excellence in Good Governance

Recognising ethical and accountable governance, we recognise leaders who have a track record of accountability in their societies, industries or realm of activities.

  • Excellence in Business

We recognise business leaders of outstanding results, whose actions also show concern and dedication towards corporate social responsibility.

  • Excellence in Education

Our world is in need of new models in education. We recognise organisations or educational leaders, who excel in finding innovative models in education.

  • Excellence in Social Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is key to tackling some of the world’s most pressing social, cultural and environmental issues and as such we honour social entrepreneurs who are addressing social challenges and problem solve in parallel to profit making.

  • Excellence in Global Thinking

We recognise leaders that are excelling in global thinking, viewing the world as a network of interconnected nodes and have a positive impact on the global community.

  • Excellence in Science

We award scientists and academics excelling in science across disciplines, working on scientific breakthroughs and solutions that can improve our world.

  • Excellence in Media

We honour individuals with outstanding contributions to media, promoting accountable, accurate, timely and transparent journalism.

  • Excellence in Philanthropy

Philanthropy is currently experiencing an unprecedented amount of innovation and transformation. We recognise businesses, organisations, foundations or individuals with substantial contributions to today’s pressing social needs. 

  • Excellence in Positive Change

We award leaders that through their actions are contributing towards positive change locally, regionally and globally.

  • Excellence in Promoting Peace and Collaboration

We honour leaders that are actively promoting peace and collaboration towards peaceful resolution of conflict locally, regionally or across the word.

  • Excellence in Ethics

We recognise businesses, organisations or individuals, with a strong focus on ethics and values, that excel in ethical leadership and promote ethics across their every action and initiative.

  • Excellence in Women’s Empowerment

We believe that women have great potential to play an influential role in shaping a new ecosystem for social progress and excellence. We, award business leaders, organisations or individuals that actively support women’s empowerment.

  • Excellence in Lifetime Achievement

We award individuals of remarkable achievements throughout their lifetime.

  • Excellence in Digital Innovation

Technology is playing a crucial role in our daily lives. We award leaders that innovated and revolutionized the digital space, whether this refers to technological innovation or to making technology accessible and understood among the wider public.


3. Attributes of nominees

  • A champion of African-grown solutions to products, services and processes that promote cultural heritage.
  • An inspirational trailblazer who has brought about social transformation and development that is sustainable.
  • Outstanding leadership in innovation and creativity with far reaching impact spanning the national, regional and global level.
  • A pioneer of an exceptional enterprise, and the driving force behind the success of the enterprise or business, with forward looking approaches, business acumen and tenacity.
  • A role model who has motivated and mentored others, pushed boundaries, created meaningful relationships with other women and the youth.

4. Required award entry documentation

  • All essential evidence of the nominee’s excellence and materials showcasing the nominee’s activities should be provided through the official online nomination link and form.

5. Nomination submission requirements

Describe how the nominee meets the criteria and attributes.

  1. What is the Award Category?
  2. Include your nominee's golden paragraph (short bio or company/organisation description).
  3. Briefly describe the achievement(s) of your nominee and why you feel they should receive an Award in the category you indicated above.
  4. What were the issues and challenges encountered and overcome by the nominee?
  5. What are the tangible results, how did the nominee achieve positive impact? What communities have benefitted?

All nomination forms should be submitted online by January 10, 2018.

Nomination Form