In a world of disinformation, fake news, failing leadership and constant change, we are in need of innovative and fearless thinking. We believe that women's role is crucial in the creation of understanding in our societies.

We do not like stereotypes and cliches. We don't believe in segregation and tribalism. We know that negativity and hatred is best left behind. We realize that our world, and our children, will be better off in a world that embraces the shared values of humanity.

We feel a responsibility to act. But to act by finding, and recognising, some of the world's best female minds. Women who are born to push their limits, fly high, speak up, open new paths for all of us. Women have the ability to balance reason and emotion. In a polarised and uncertain world, we need both.

This is why we launched Athena40. It is many of us, Athenas.  We are mothers, daughters, wives, breadwinners, authors, entrepreneurs, activists, journalists, scientists, We have power and influence. And we are very proud of everything that we have achieved. But above all, we reject labels. We are all 'Athenas' or aspiring 'Athenas', aiming to embrace our inner wisdom.

So, our 'Athena40' will be looking for and every two years announcing the world's 40 most original and forward thinkers among women, to discover and acknowledge the work of the 40 most dynamic, active and fearless female thought leaders, columnists, commentators and activists across all industries and from all over the world.

Athena40 will be announced on March 8, 2018. Stay tuned!