Telemachus & Athena: The GTF Mentoring Programs

The word mentor draws its roots from the Greek poem, the Odyssey, where Mentor, one of its characters and friend of its protagonist Odysseus, appears as the loyal and respectful adviser of young Telemachus – hence its current meaning.

Mentoring is conveying the experience, gained wisdom, insights and lessons that one has learned in life. Mentors are like beacons. They are guiding lights for younger people.

The aim is to help them understand their potential, their strong points and also inspire and motivate them. Being a good mentor also takes an emotional commitment that is very much like parenting in its drive to help teach a person succeed in its goals.


From the era of Odyssey to the present, the concept of mentoring has been integral in the development and empowerment of young people. In today’s world, though, complexities, challenges and issues that people of all ages face while trying to build their future, has creatively transformed the concept of mentoring to an empowering process that sees no age.


Women empowerment is more timely and relevant than ever. It came as no surprise that the UN placed gender equality and women empowerment as its top 5 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for next 15 years. There is a vast need to educate, advance, mentor women in order to help them realise their potential, pursuit their dreams and achieve equal chances with their male counterparts.


Already well-versed and acquainted with diverse and complex regional and international issues GTF has launched our Youth Mentoring Platform ‘Telemachus’ and our Women Empowerment platform ‘Athena’ dedicated to women above the age of 30.


The successfully launched international GTF Youth Mentoring Program consists of 14 mentors and 14 mentees. Mentors and mentees have been connected based on the areas in which each mentee required guidance and the areas of expertise of each mentor. In the 2016 cycle, the areas of mentorship are: Governance & Public Office, Accountable Leadership, Media, Business, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Career, Academia, Non Profit. The GTF Mentors are individuals who have a very successful track record and longtime expertise in the above mentioned areas. They are global thought leaders and part of the wider GTF community and mission. They are dedicating time, energy and passion to nurture the leaders of tomorrow.

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