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Piraeus Bank

Founded in 1916, Piraeus Bank operated as a private credit institution for many decades, while for the period 1975-1991 it went through state ownership and management before it was privatized in December 1991. Since then, it has rapidly grown in size and activities by making a series of strategic moves in order to establish a strong presence not only in the domestic market but also abroad. Today following the acquisitions of the “good” ATEbank, Geniki Bank, the banking operations in Greece of Bank of Cyprus, Cyprus Popular Bank and Hellenic Bank and the acquisition of Millennium Bank Greece, the combined total assets of the Group amounted to €95 bn, net loans €63 bn and customer deposits €55 bn. The Group employs 24,743 people, while the entire branch network numbers 1,718 units, with a presence in 10 countries: Greece (1,280 branches), Romania (160 branches), Bulgaria (83 branches), Albania (56 branches), Serbia (42 branches), Ukraine (38 branches), Cyprus (14 branches), Egypt (43 branches), London (1 branch) and Frankfurt (1 branch) (data 30/06/2013). Piraeus Bank is ranked the top Bank in Greece in terms of loans and deposits with 30% and 29% market share respectively. Piraeus Bank leads a group of companies covering all financial and banking activities in the Greek market (universal bank). Piraeus Bank possesses particular know-how in the areas of medium-sized and small enterprises, in agricultural banking following the acquisition of ATEbank, in consumer and mortgage credit and green banking, capital markets and investment banking, and leasing. The main midterm objectives of Piraeus Group’s policy are: to safeguard liquidity, capital adequacy, asset quality, achieve high efficiency by containing operating costs, and to smoothly integrate the recently acquired banking activities in Greece, thus achieving significant synergies. Piraeus Bank will continue to focus on SMEs, the agricultural sector and retail banking segments, where it holds strong expertise.

Oasis 500


Oasis500 is the first development and investment company of its kind in the MENA region. It aims to support entrepreneurs by providing them with funding and training in an effort to accelerate the transformation of business ideas into start-up companies in the ICT, digital media, and mobile technologies and content sectors. Oasis500 aims to facilitate the launch of 500 start-up companies within the next five years, which will create an incentive for aspiring entrepreneurs and generate job opportunities within the world’s fastest growing sectors. Since commencing its operations in September 2010, Oasis500 has successfully secured investments for 49 technology companies, in addition to a number of other investments that were unmatched by any investment fund in the region.


King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD)

The King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) was established by a royal decree in 2001 as a non-governmental organization. Its aim was to support the Jordanian community by driving human and infrastructure development. KAFD works to further develop key sectors in Jordan and improve local standards of living for all segments of the Jordanian community, targeting individuals, public and private sectors and civil society organizations.


Mezza Group

Mezza Group

Mezza Group is a leading provider of innovative software, web solutions and internet marketing strategies that help companies of all sizes to increase their online marketing presence, leading to stronger business results. We appreciate that secure, reliable IT solutions are vital to your business operations. The upheaval of a poorly designed service and the loss of profit due to obsolete online marketing are some of the alarming issues you will face if you do not use the innovative technologies of today. Unlike other companies, we continuously invest our resources, knowledge and expertise into the development of the most advanced technologies in the world to help our clients achieve their objectives. We pride ourselves on being one step ahead of our competitors in the IT industry.


CEO Clubs Greece was established in September of 2009 by Georgia Kartsanis to offer the local business leaders a unique platform for knowledge and business exchange and is considered to be the hub in the region of SE Europe. Its primary purpose is to inspire and educate business leaders within an atmosphere of friendship and unconventional thinking. To that end, we create a nurturing and inspiring environment for CEOs and Entrepreneurs who are dedicated to improving the quality of their life and enterprise through the power of shared experience and personal growth. The club serves as an information source and resource for established and growing businesses. It offers not only an outstanding opportunity for business leaders and CEOs to meet similar-minded peers, but also to exchange ideas while learning and making new friends. We operate on the premise that CEOs and entrepreneurs sharing ideas, is a powerful remedy to combat problems, challenges and economic turmoil. CEO Clubs Greece is proud to be a member of the largest worldwide membership association of CEOs with chapters worldwide.

Sargia Partners

SARGIA Partners is a unique provider of state of the art leadership development services linked to change strategy, affiliated with NeuroBusiness Group (NBG), Change Wise and the Center for Advanced Coaching (CAC). SARGIA Partners is typically engaged by clients in EMEA region to create context for change, support leaders in developing cognitive adaptability and resilience to navigate complexity, and align their behaviors with their organization’s change strategy.




Hellenic Granite Company

Hellenic Granite Co., was established in 1989, at Ypaton, Thebes and is involved in the importation, processing and trade of granite products. Since then, thanks to its uninterrupted and dynamic presence on the market it has made a major contribution to promoting the use of granite in Greece. The company’s comprehensive processing plant which is committed to constantly improving its production methods, excellent sales network, the expertise and experience of its staff, the ongoing search for new market possibilities and proposals, its commitment to top quality products and services, its fully-stocked and highly organized warehouses, its international appeal, carefully selected partnerships with the best of suppliers, and the continuous pursuit of maximum customer satisfaction are only some of the reasons why Hellenic Granite Co. is a sector leader.




BloombergHT is a 24/7, Turkish language, real-time financial news and business channel that will broadcast on cable and satellite across Turkey and the Turkish Republics. Replicating the Bloomberg Television state of the art studios, production facilities and newsgathering operations in New York, London and Hong Kong and Bloomberg’s responsibility for operating the channel, BloombergHT, brings a new economy channel in Turkey. Bloomberg Television will retain editorial control over the channel’s business content. Bloomberg HT will access to the global Bloomberg News service including its 145 bureau across the globe and provide a new perspective to the economy news for Turkish audience.




The Business Year (TBY) is a leading provider of business investment consultancy services and publisher of yearly information resources on national economies and business environments. The Business Year provides accurate, timely and country-specific economic and business data, assessing the trends and developments of all the major economic sector of the countries it conducts research. The Business Year presents the real opportunities and those creating them – business people, public officials, and key stakeholders – to introduce the many faces of the world of business.

Global Sustain


Global Sustain maintains offices in Athens and Brussels. The company offers innovative on-line and off-line services related to sustainability, corporate responsibility, responsible investing, green economy, business ethics and excellence, transparency, human rights and accountability. Its mission is to create awareness, inspire and support companies and organisations in sustainability, through advisory, communications, networking and training, guided by the people-planet-profit concept. Its members include corporations, non-governmental and non-profit organisations, municipalities and local authorities, academic institutions, media, professional bodies, service providers, chambers, think tanks and other public or private entities. Global Sustain owns and daily updates the popular portal www.globalsustain.org, it is active in social media, offers advisory services, publishes a multi-stakeholder Yearbook, two comprehensive fortnightly e-newsletters, facilitates networking among members (M2M), organises events and the Sustainability Forum, a training, networking and professional development event, supporting companies and organisations in formulating their sustainability profile. www.globalsustain.org




Economia Publishing Group publishes business magazines, business and coffee table books; organises conferences and seminars; and is in charge of the historic Vovolini Archives.






FOSPHOTOS is a recently founded Greek photo agency offering a comprehensive proposal for the collection, production and distribution of contemporary Greek photography. In collaboration with reputable and talented photographers, we investigate, classify and archive photographs of the last decades, depicting all different faces and facets of modern life. Through constantly increasing collections and daily photo reportage, we aim to fullfil the need for quality photography for editorial, creative, commercial and private use. The wide range of our activity -production, collection, archiving and distribution of images in cultural, journalistic and publishing houses, creative agencies and news websites- is guaranteed by the FOSPHOTOS team, which consists of people with long experience in the fields of mass media, visual communication, applied arts and artistic creation.





VYTOGIANNIS GROUP OF COMPANIES, is a group with more than 60 years of history. It was started in Piraeus Greece in the early 1950s by George Vytogiannis, who handed it over to his son Nick Vytogiannis. Since the mid 1990s, the 3rd generation has taken over the management of the Group. The Group has a long experience in the Food & Beverage industry, through the bottling of soft drinks and the production of packaging materials, whereas nowadays is active in the fields of distribution of bottled waters, wines, alcoholic drinks, coffee, food and beverages. Its activities are spread nationally as well as internationally, including the regions of Europe, N. Africa, Middle East and Far East. Throughout its history, the Group has established strong partnerships with many global leading companies such as Nestle Waters / Sara lee / W.R. Grace / John West / Remia, and has served its customers in all distribution channels in the Food & Beverage markets. Warehouse facilities are located in the industrial area of Avlonas, covering 6.500sqm equipped with state-of-art WMS. The Group’s headquarters are located in Metamorfosis, Attika and operates a branch in Salonica to cover the region of North Greece. The Group’s values throughout its long history have always been based on integrity, reliability and credibility, building very strong relationships with its business partners and customers. All these values, are non-compromising and fully respected by all members of the organization. Our vision is to help our partners add value to their business through innovative systems and products, which will ensure our sustainable growth and help us accomplish our social responsibilities.

E Factor

EFactor, the world’s largest entrepreneurial community, provides resources that every small business owner needs: funding, knowledge, gain revenue and save cost. At EFactor, entrepreneurs exchange ideas with experts, receive exclusive discounts on business tools, interact with potential partners or clients, and discover funding for their startups. With close to a million users in 185 countries, EFactor offers a unique mix of online and offline E.vents in the US and internationally. Members join EFactor to make relevant connections, taking their businesses to the highest level. EFactor is headquartered in San Francisco, and founded by a team of successful serial entrepreneurs.

Tasmeem Me



TasmeemME is the largest online networking platform dedicated to creative talent in the Middle East. It offers opportunities for both individuals and companies to share their work, find freelance and full-time jobs, build a work reputation, and create a melting pot for creativity in the region. It brings exclusive features to creative talent across the region, including the opportunity to network, promote themselves, and advertise services. Companies from all over the Middle East and internationally are able to post job openings and reach out to a large and targeted pool of talent across the region. TasmeemME facilitates and cuts down the cost of finding creative talent for business professionals, companies, and anyone looking to hire creative services on a freelance or full time basis. TasmeemME’s customers span a wide range of individuals & companies in the creative sector, including: freelancers, students, media networks, creative & non-creative companies, and sponsors, among many others. There are currently almost 2,200 registered members on the site, with over 450 jobs posted and more than 14,000 files uploaded. The competitive advantage of TasmeemME includes the ability for service seekers to browse creative portfolios online and have access to a large targeted critical mass of users on the platform, including prominent creatives in Jordan and across the Middle East.


The International News Safety Institute (INSI) is a unique coalition of news organisations, journalist support groups and individuals exclusively dedicated to the safety of news media staff working in dangerous environments. It is a not-for-profit charity, supported entirely by membership contributions which are channelled back into safety work. INSI’s purpose is to create a global safety network of advice and assistance to journalists and other news gatherers who may face danger covering the news on international assignment or in their own countries. It raises funds to provide safety training free of charge to journalists in need around the world who are unable to afford their own. It promotes measures to improve safety understanding among news organisations, militaries, governments and international bodies.


The American Middle Eastern Network for Dialogue at Stanford (AMENDS) is a student led and run initiative that strives to connect and empower innovative youth leaders from all across the Middle East, North Africa, and United States and create a forum through which they can share their ideas and experiences with the world. From April 10-14, forty exceptional youth leaders from seventeen different countries are coming to a summit at Stanford to collaborate with each other, engage with world leaders in their field, and create lasting solutions and a global network of the most promising change agents in the United States and MENA region. AMENDS seeks to make the voices of these youth leaders heard on the global stage. During the summit, all of the delegates will do a TED Talks style presentation on their unique ideas and experiences which we will record and put online. In turn, we hope to not only promote collaboration and mutual respect among the delegates, but create a resource for the rest of the world as well. We are sponsored by the Stanford Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law. For more information about AMENDS, please visit our website at http://amends.stanford.edu.

Leaders of Tomorrow

Leaders of Tomorrow is a youth-led, independent non-profit organization, based in Jordan, active since 2007 in Jordan and registered legally since 2010. It is LOTs mission to build a community of young leaders who are educated, critical, initiative-takers, and capable of serving their local communities. Leaders of Tomorrow works at a local and national level in Jordan, and regionally in the Middle East and North Africa with a large network of high school and university students, recent graduates and young professionals. We work with young Arabs, between 15 to 35 years old, to discuss taboos, better the society and promote youth’s voice. Leaders’ shares opportunities with all, builds capacity from bottom up, and mobilizes young people in the Arab world. The Leaders’ network consists of young Arabs who participate in exchanges, conferences, trainings, and community organizing and volunteer work. We mobilize young Jordanians to volunteer in action groups around social and political issues.

University of Hull, UK

The University of Hull in the UK is providing acutting-edge educational experience for over 18,000 students a year. The academic portfolio contains 50 disciplines across the arts and humanities, business, education, health, the sciences and the social sciences. As one of the major players in the regeneration of Hull and Scarborough, the University also has a significant impact on local economic and social growth. Hull is a progressive University, investing heavily in facilities and resources, like refurbished student residences and catering areas, improvements to the Students’ Union premises, a moot court room and the creation of a new road, and parking infrastructure system on campus [read more about University developments], to name just a few.


A24 Media tells the African story to the world and maintains its position as the number one source for high quality content on African issues for both local and global audience.

A24 Media is the first Pan-African online agency for Video, Pictures & Text. A24 is an online platform where you can get captivating videos and images from Africa delivered on demand.


Glowork is the first website dedicated for women empowerment throughout the Middle East. Glowork has helped create over 2000 vacancies for women in Saudi Arabia alone, from over 130 companies. In its short existence, Glowork has been recognized as the ideal solution provider when it comes to full fledged career advisory for females. Recently they launched a breakthrough innovation which aims to create thousands of jobs for women in the Kingdom to work from home. This has led to endorsements by International and local leaders such as the Minister of Labor in Saudi Arabia and being recognized at the World Economic Forum as a “Best Practices” initiative that promotes gender equality and promotes diversity within the workplace.


Founded in 2007, Tomorrow’s Youth Organization is an American, non-governmental organization and tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent provided by the law. TYO is a point of light for under-privileged children and communities in the Middle East. It represents the best aspects of the American people and international goodwill, contributing, managing, and operating essential services and activities for all members of communities afflicted by conflict, isolation, and poverty.

TML Logo sm

Think Media Labs is a premier digital and social media boutique agency founded byAyman Itani. It aims to help enterprises and international brands targeting Lebanon, the Gulf and the MENA region thrive by drawing on Internet platforms to capture digitally their customers and audiences. Think Media Labs helps businesses and brands link to the digital world through the latest tools in the rapidly transforming digital and online culture, be it New Media, Web 2.0, or Social Media. We create brand commitment and capitalize on the subtle underlying particulars of online communities in the Gulf and MENA region.

Botargo Stefos

Botargo Stefos is a premium quality Grey Mullet Roe, a 100% natural product, without preservatives, with a distinct yet delicate taste, velvety texture and a long aftertaste. Its colour ranges from golden yellow to golden reddish. A unique delicacy, with high nutritional value, is rich in Proteins, energy, Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamins C and E, Selenium and Zinc. Protected by a 100% natural beeswax to preserve its natural moisture. A traditional Greek gourmet savoury delicacy. STEFOS Bros. & Co L.P. was established in 2008 Registered in Aitolikon, Messolonghi, in the Aitoloakarnania province of Western Greece, the company built pioneer facilities for the processing, packaging and marketing of marine products, caught at sea or in inland waters, and of aquaculture products.

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