Shelmina Abji

Shelmina Abji

Global Empowerment Speaker, Former IBM Vice President & Consultant - United Nations Foundation Girl Up - University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Shelmina Abji is an Empowerment speaker, former IBM Vice President, board member of United Nations Foundation – Girl Up, Young Women Empowered, and an angel investor/advisor.

Shelmina grew up in a very modest family in Tanzania, and left home at 15 to pursue higher education. She was the first person in her family to obtain a college degree.

She became one of the highest ranking women of color at IBM, while raising two amazing children as a single mom. Having achieved her “American Dream,” she is now focused on sharing the lessons she learned to help accelerate the success of girls and women around the world.

She lives in Washington DC and Bellevue, WA.​