Robert Davidson

President, Arundel Consulting Inc

Robert is the President of Arundel Consulting Inc. Arundel Consulting develops business and tax strategies, marketing and communications for entrepreneurs with international ambitions.

It works extensively with professional services firms, with clients in the contemporary arts world, and with leaders in the pharmaceutical and healthcare fields. Robert has founded and run three start-ups, each focused on applying IT to transform business processes in healthcare. The largest of these involved designing, building, and delivering a new Business Planning process for a leading global pharmaceutical company with 1,000 managers in 75 countries. These experiences demonstrated very clearly that to achieve change, effective dialogue is essential. One must balance the radical potential for rethinking business models offered by new technology with the need to communicate that face to face to change hearts and minds. These projects also underlined that while global consistency is vital in key areas of industry, it must accommodate the diversity of local culture and regulation. Robert is also working with doctors, economists, and technology specialists at the Foundation for World Health to look at how changes in science and technology can lead to truly curative healthcare over the next 20 to 30 years. This will involve profound changes in organization, delivery, and funding to make that a reality on a global scale. His core skills are based in finance, with a degree in Economics from The City University, London. Robert is qualified as a UK Chartered Accountant with Price Waterhouse, with whom he worked across Europe for 11 years, and more recently as an IRS Enrolled Agent in the United States. Robert also worked in a variety of business planning and IT roles for Eli Lilly, and has extensive international consulting experience with Robson Rhodes (now part of Grant Thornton).