Marino Cavallo

Marino Cavallo


Marino Cavallo has a relevant experience in the economic sector and he developped many analysis and studies about the relations between social and economic issues (considering the role of ICT technology and New Media).

He worked for over 20 years in Local and Territorial Authorities in Italy. In this period he achieved knowledge and experiences about public administration, innovation processes, projects to stimulate local and regional development. Moreover he started successful activities for the managing of European Projects and Programmes of interregional cooperation between the different countries of EU. Marino is Head of the Department Research, Innovation and Managment of EU Projects in the Metropolitan City of Bologna (Italy).

During the last ten years he was Adjunct professor in the University of Bologna (IT) and University of Ferrara. He delivered courses in Business administration, Economy, Sociology, Communication methodologies. He wrote over ten books (several of these publication are translated in english or in other european languages) and many articles and papers in scientific reviews. Among the latest books there are: “Projecting and promoting e-services”, “Green marketing and industrial areas”, “Macro Benchmarking Study. Pracitces in promoting sustainability in the SMEs and existing Gaps”, “Beyond Communication Society”. Finally, he is journalist and had collaborations with newspaper and academic and professional reviews. He delivered courses and speechs in important European Universities: Sorbonne (France), Charles University (Czech Republic), Leipzig (German), Lund (Sweden), etc.

Marino considers a priority mission give support to young people for their professional choises and promote better opportunities in the market labour.