GTF 2013

Global Thinkers Forum 2013 &

Global Thinkers Forum Awards for Excellence

Athens, Greece

Leadership & Collaboration for Success

Day 1: Welcome Dinner

Day 2: Global Thinkers Forum

Day 2 Evening: Global Thinkers Forum Awards for Excellence

Day 3: Workshops


Athens 2013:
Leadership & Collaboration for Success
Entrepreneurship, Investments & Social Development

It is difficult to overstate the importance of the tremors emanating from the Eurozone, the Middle East and the wider Arab world. They are generating a powerful wave of transformation across all disciplines and industries. New stakeholders are rising, established governance structures are changing. However, even in a context where social transformation is affecting all forms of governance, there are ways to turn a crisis into an opportunity for a better future. There are ways to progress, create new pathways for collaboration, achieve positive change for the wider public good and keep the economic engine operating in full speed. Supporting economic reforms and entrepreneurial initiatives and reinforcing the banking sector must be top priorities. All it takes is excellence in leadership. Against this constantly-changing backdrop, GTF Athens will convene the most influential and excellent leaders from the wider Europe, MENA and internationally, to promote business, knowledge exchange, cross-border collaboration, new investment and trade opportunities.

Why Greece?

A conversation around Leadership, opportunities for growth, investment and social development in Greece is more imperative than ever. It is very timely and relevant to the current political, economic and social circumstances. There are numerous opportunities for investment and collaboration in Greece and it is entrepreneurs (old and new) who can undertake a pivotal role to shape the country’s economic and social future.
Today it is imperative that leadership across all disciplines stays in touch with its human capital and the challenges of a world that is constantly changing. We need clever, insightful and visionary decision-making in societies which are affected by multiple dynamics, frequently conflicting ones in order to promote investments, business and development. We need to encourage and support entrepreneurship.
The current financial crisis is also providing Greece with the opportunity to actively participate in the process of shaping the new rules and institutions of the post-crisis global economy. The lessons learned will be key for future progress and prosperity. At some point Greece will move out of the `peripheral country’ role, and will soon assume the dynamism of a mover and shaker. We have to start preparing this ground, along with elevation of the international profile of the country.

Who? Global Thinkers Forum convenes pioneering minds, forward thinking leaders and influential decision makers in order to discuss improvements in leadership and ways to promote collaboration and achieve positive change. Furthermore, GTF is a platform to help tackle effectively key concepts and controversial issues of regional and international character. The GTF network ensures that our gatherings attract top-end stakeholders, major publicity and international attention.

Stay tuned….. Announcements on Agenda & Speakers to follow…

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