“Arab Women as Changemakers

A Celebration of Achievements”

Dubai – UAE

November 28, 2014

The most exquisite event in Dubai in 2014!

Global Thinkers Forum presents its 2014 Awards For Excellence Gala under the theme:

‘Arab Women as Changemakers-A Celebration of Achievements’

We are celebrating UAE Women on the occasion of the UAE’s 43rd National Day

Arab Women are changing the game in Governance, Diplomacy, Business, Academia, Media. A high profile meeting that will showcase the capabilities of Arab Women as Leaders, promote better understanding of global trends and generate opportunities for growth, investment and international exposure.

Dr Maisah Sobaihi GTF 2013 Award Excellence in Pioneering


Live Concert Celebrating Women as Changemakers

An exclusive live concert by world acclaimed Emmy-nominee Maestro Sir Dirk Brossé Music Director of The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia








The not-to-miss event of the year in Dubai celebrating the success stories and achievements of Arab Women in an Oscars-like ceremony! Download Brochure here.



The Gala Dinner will take place on Friday November 28, 2014. Book your place now by emailing:


A unique corporate hospitality opportunity The Global Thinkers Forum Awards for Excellence Gala Dinner provides an entertaining, thought-provoking platform for conversation, exposure and high level networking with a selection of invited luminaries.

HRH Princess Rym Ali and HRH Princess Sumaya of Jordan at GTF 2012 Awards Gala

Recent Global Thinkers Forum Award Honourees include:

  • HM Queen Rania Al Abdullah

  • H.E. the HR for the Alliance of Civilizations Nassir Abdulaziz Al Nasser

  • HRH Princess Rym of Jordan

  • His All Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

  • Zaha Hadid

  • Arianna Huffington

  • Hani Masri

  • Nouriel Roubini

  • Dr Ibrahim Abouleish

  • Sir Dirk Brossé

  • Dr Hayat Sindi

  • Khalid Alkhudair

  • Deema Bibi

In partnership with Dubai Business Women Council





in Association with UN Women (Gender Equality Award)






It is critically important for the wider stability of the region and also the prosperity of our societies to understand the impact of interconnectedness, maintain an outward perspective, reposition the role of women, create new pathways for collaboration and foster knowledge exchange. The forces unleashed by the Arab uprisings made clear to decision makers across Europe and the Arab World that there’s is an urgent need to translate the unique momentum created into concrete positive outcomes for citizens by unleashing the huge growth potential of both regions.

Equality between men and women is a significant tool of economic growth and social cohesion. It constitutes a multi-dimensional factor: political, economic, social, developmental, all of these aspects dependent on each other. Recognizing equal opportunities for women, who constitute about half (or more) of the total population of every country, ensures not only a more representative participation of all members of society, but also advancement, progress, development.

Over the last decades we have witnessed a new generation of women redefining the notion of power through innovation and disruption. Beyond theory, there are women that are becoming the driving force for innovative thinking and change in Arab societies across different industries and fields.

Global Thinkers Forum 2014 “Arab Women as Changemakers: A Celebration of Achievements” is a high profile meeting that will showcase the capabilities of Arab Women as Leaders, promote better understanding of global trends and generate opportunities for growth, investment and international exposure. It will bring together leaders and representatives from businesses, governments and civil society with a goal to exchange knowledge, promote business and raise awareness around the success stories for women leaders who lead by example!

HM Queen Rania patrons Global Thinkers Forum ‘Women Leaders in MENA’

Strengthening the Role of Women in Society

The global ascension of women to leadership positions in government, business and society has become more self-evident in recent decades but challenges remain. How are women making progress at achieving success and creating impact on the roles they choose to play?

Arab Women Leaders: Taking the Reins

There’s a lot of debate in the private sector about women breaking the glass ceiling and climbing up the hierarchy ladder into leadership positions. But what are the challenges and opportunities in global development? And what does it take to build and lead a business as either a founder entrepreneur or the chief executive? Is great leadership truly gender-blind, or do men and women possess distinct leadership traits that make a material difference to success? What can we learn from successful CEOs, leaders, innovators from the Arab World?

The Business Case for Gender Diversity

It would seem to make sense that businesses would invest in developing women as workers, executives, and leaders. But impressive results and sound logic have yet to fully take hold in many parts of the world, including the West (EU, USA). The advancement of women pales in proportion to their numbers. While some of the reasons are related to culture and custom, it is important to recognize that where organizations have invested in the development of women, the results have been both profound and dramatic. How can Women contribute to an economic level? What are the business drivers for achieving more gender diversity in the workplace? How can we foster female talent for innovation and creativity? Can we start an ‘Invest in Women’ campaign?

Women and Entrepreneurship

Women entrepreneurs represent a powerful source of economic growth and opportunity in the Arab World. At GTF 2014 we will focus on examining the relative successes of efforts aimed at leveling the playing field for women’s pursuit of economic empowerment through entrepreneurship and how we can pave the way for more opportunities for other women entrepreneurs.

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