GTF and BCCT have reluctantly decided to postpone the upcoming Energy Symposium in Gaziantep, scheduled for October the 10th 2013. This is due to the adverse security situation in the Turkish-Syrian border which has been covered on the national and international news over the last few weeks and also the on-going travel warning for the area, which is forcing us to postpone. We are planning to go ahead with the event when the situation improves. We will be in touch as soon as new dates have been agreed. We will keep you informed in relation to our other events and we look forward to maintaining the partnership and collaboration with your organisations.
Meanwhile, thank you for your interest and support.

On behalf of GTF and BCCT

The British Chamber of Commerce in Turkey presents

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Energy, Innovation & Business:

Local & International Projects in SE Turkey


Gaziantep, October 10 2013

1. Background

2. Initial Agenda

3. Organisers: The British Chamber of Commerce in Turkey in association with Global Thinkers

4. Proposed Approaches

5. Why Gaziantep?


1. Background

Energy, environment and economy – three aspects of modern life so closely interlinked that satisfying their individual and combined demands is one of the greatest challenges today’s world faces. Established approaches are failing to deliver, increasingly emphasising local needs and solutions and making politics a driver in what should be a joint human endeavour. When challenges are formidable, answers have to be sought in innovation and cooperation. And they are frequently found in contexts that allow established behaviour patterns to be replaced by forward and outward-thinking approaches. Such a context can be found in modern Turkey, whose energy needs, responses and potential offer the opportunity to examine new paradigms and propose new solutions. On October the 10th, 2013, the British Chamber of Commerce in Turkey, in association with the Global Thinkers Forum, will assemble key thinkers, policy-makers, and innovators in energy issues to discuss what needs to be done – and what can be done – to ensure a relevant and coherent approach to the today’s energy issues. Suppliers and consumers, academics and scientists, economists and business advisers will be part of the analysis, with opportunities to meet and network with key figures in this sector.

2. Initial Agenda*

October 9 Arrivals & Welcome Reception (Venue TBC)
October 10 Conference* Day – Venue: TBC
9am Registration/ Light Buffet Breakfast
09:45 10:00

Welcome: Elizabeth Filippouli, Founder & CEO Global Thinkers

Welcome by Hosts:

Professor Dr M. Yavuz Coskun, President Gaziantep University

Welcome speech: Mr. Asım GÜZELBEY PhD,

Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality

10:30am Opening: Chris W.J. Gaunt – Chairman, British Chamber of Commerce Mr. Eyüp Bartik, President Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce
11:15am Panel 1: Energy policy, demands and solutions: the prospects globally and in Southeastern Europe
Turkey has become one of the fastest growing energy markets in the world in parallel to its economic growth. The Turkish Electricity Transmission Company estimates that Turkey’s demand for electricity will increase at an annual rate of six per cent between 2009 and 2023. At the same time the need to provide energy security, act to minimise environmental impact and develop the technologies that will change dependence on diminishing supplies is a key challenge for governments across the globe.

  • Q1: Can the rest of the world look to Turkey as an example of how to provide renewable energy for increasing global demand?
  • Q2: Does international cooperation and effort based on joint development and implementation offer a better solution than localization?
  • Q3: How can multinational organizations and private companies work together to provide renewable energy to meet a growing demand while also protecting security, peace and the environment?
  • Q4: What are the current policy demands?
  • Q5: Discuss demand and supply.
  • Q6: The role of partnerships between countries in creating renewable energy sources for people.



  • Mr Adil Konukoğlu, President of Gaziantep Chamber of Industry
  • Mr M. Fatih Baltaci president of DIVID (Natural Gas Importers and Exporters Association)
  • Mr Akinwole Omoboriowo II CEO Genesis Electricity Ltd, Nigeria

12 noon
Panel 2: Energy, Innovation & Technology: revising the old, adopting the new, changing the mix Moderator –Dr. Zefi Dimadama, ICBSS

  • Q1: What are some of the present-day renewable energy technologies serving consumers and policymakers alike?
  • Q2: What are some renewable energy technologies that are being developed to serve the needs of consumers and policymakers in the future?
  • Q3: In what industries are renewable resources currently being used? In what industries can they be implemented in the future?
  • Q4: Can these technologies be delivered efficiently and economically without investment on a scale unaffordable in times of recession?
  • Q5: Who is/should be driving these innovations to deliver the solutions needed now and in the future?
  • Q6: Regarding renewable/solar energy resources, what is the reality of their implementation and success in the wider region, the Mediterranean, the Gulf, the Black Sea, the world?
  • Q7: What can we learn from Gaziantep companies and what are some examples of initiatives taking place in other areas of the world in regards to solar and renewable energy projects?

Speakers (TBC)

  • Mr. Eyüp Bartik, President Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce
  • Martin Raiser, Director World Bank Turkey

Networking Break followed by Buffet Lunch

Presentation Gulay AVCI Head of Turkey Liaison Office Marketing and Business Investment Department RAK Free Trade Zone: General information on UAE and RAK Free Trade Zone and how traders can benefit from investment conditions in UAE


Panel 3: Renewable Energy & Energy-Efficient Projects – the role of SME’s & opportunities for partnerships Large companies are increasingly harnessing external ideas and putting their R&D to work in other sectors through open innovation. In energy, many small companies must partner to reach scale. This panel will illuminate the tension between big and small and also discuss the important role of SMEs in alternative energy supply.

  • Q1: What are some of the challenges that smaller companies face when trying to develop and promote their own energy-efficient technologies?
  • Q2: How best can smaller companies reach the population with their innovative energy-efficient technologies?
  • Q3: What are some examples of renewable/solar energy initiatives that are ongoing and led by SMEs?
  • Q4: What is the role of SMEs in alternative energy supply in remote and rural areas? (i.e. provision of jobs, lower energy costs, reducing carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions)


  • Serhan Süzer, CEO Hittite Solar Energy
  • Sezer CİHAN (Survey Engineer)-Secretary General of the Union of Historical Towns/Head of Reconstruction and City Planning Department of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality

15:15 Panel 4: Presentation of Important Energy Projects & Initiatives Mr. Sezer CİHAN (Survey Engineer) Secretary General of the Union of Historical Towns/ Head of Reconstruction and City Planning Department of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality will present on: make presentation about Ecological Town Project and sustainable cities *Agenda is subject to change
16:00 Closing Remarks
16:15 Networking Coffee/Media Interviews
20:00 Dinner + Cultural event
October 9 & 10
Opportunities for Sightseeing in Gaziantep (organized visits/events in collaboration with Municipality of Gaziantep)

3. Organisers: The British Chamber of Commerce in Turkey in association with Global Thinkers

The British Chamber of Commerce of Turkey is the second oldest British bilateral chamber of commerce outside the United Kingdom. It was founded in Istanbul in 1887 by a group of British businessmen. Today, the chamber’s mission is to further encourage and develop economic activities between Turkey and the United Kingdom and to contribute directly to both countries’ partnerships. The chamber provides a forum for members to develop commercial relations and acts as a bridge for a better understanding of business opportunities, culture and trends. To join this vibrant and dynamic organisation, please visit

The British Chamber of Commerce is a member of COBCOE, the Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe, which is an umbrella association of British bilateral chambers across Europe.

Global Thinkers Forum is a UK non-profit company positioning itself as a platform to create dialogue and bring current and future leaders together to discuss business, investment, geostrategic trends, governance practices and social issues in relation to progress and development. GTF’s approach is to reposition perceptions about collaboration, trade, cross border investment, risk aversion, through a global perspective. The GTF team brings 30 years of experience in event, workshops, seminars and conference organizing. GTF, with its wide international network of world class experts and international media, organizes regional, theme-specific events as well as a big annual Forum which in 2012 was held in Amman (October 2012) under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Rania and the King Abdullah Fund For Development. The GTF global community consists of leaders of companies, academic institutions, leading NGOs, social innovators, some of the world’s top experts, educators, global media and entrepreneurs. For more information please visit and

4. Conference Themes:

(Speakers and panel members are currently being finalised, though many have already committed their participation.)

  • Energy as a global issue finding expression in the region – the importance of renewables in meeting needs efficiently; the opportunity for cooperation between Turkey and partners such as the UK. (Anticipated input from the IEA, Turkish and UK commercial and political interests.)
  • Energy as a regional issue – with political and policy cooperation supporting knowledge exchange and opening up opportunities for business; Turkey as research hub. (Anticipated input from the Union for the Mediterranean, Black Sea and Turkish commercial interests.)
  • Technology in support of energy policies – how innovation can change traditional paradigms, bringing benefits to nations and regions as well as opportunities for businesses; the potential for Turkish-UK partnership development. (Anticipated input from academic and scientific commentators, plus businesses seeking cooperative developments.)
  • The role of SMEs in meeting global challenges – ensuring that benefits are spread across the region through the active involvement of smaller businesses, as innovators or suppliers in new energy technologies. (Anticipated input from Turkish and UK companies illustrating the benefits of cooperation.)
  • Production & Industry areas where renewable energy resources may be used; How to realize the value and potential Gaziantep & its wider region; examples from the globe.
  • Investment opportunities in Gaziantep & its region; SWOT analysis for Gaziantep

5. Why Gaziantep?


Why come to one of the oldest settlements in the world to consider where the future of energy supply might lie? The answer lies not in the region’s history but in the dynamism apparent as it carves out its place in the future. Gaziantep is the sixth largest city of Turkey and the largest in the South-eastern Anatolia Region. It has a huge young

population, one of the youngest in Turkey with 65% under 26 years old. Chamber of Trade figures suggest Gaziantep`s imports have increased by 450% in the last five years, and it is attracting a significant number of foreign investors. Large industrial businesses established in Gaziantep comprise 4% of Turkish industry in general, while small industries comprise 6%. It also has the largest organised industrial area in Turkey. This pattern exemplifies the challenges faced by Turkey and by many other countries where consumer need and economic growth will either place huge demands on energy supplies or be severely constrained by them. Although Turkey has the lowest carbon footprint in the OECD, the rate of increase in this area is one of the highest. Although it imports over 60% of its energy, it has tremendous potential for solar, wave and geothermal renewables. An energy programme adopted to meet the needs of Turkey – and especially of growth locations such as Gaziantep – could become a template to be transplanted across the globe. Challenges such as that faced by Turkey provide opportunities – to discard thinking that is not serving essential goals, to look beyond immediate solutions to ones that will be sustainable in the long term, and to set patterns that can be replicated elsewhere, bringing global benefit along with national and regional. And in locations such as Gaziantep there are opportunities for technology companies, for investors, and for institutions and NGOs that know the value of shared intelligence and networked solutions. This is why Gaziantep is an ideal location for the first BCC/GTF energy conference, a context where new ideas and approaches will be supported by those who recognise the need to dare to think differently.

Event Venue: University of Gaziantep

University of Gaziantep

Optional Complimentary Visit to Zeugma Museum of Gaziantep

Zeugma Museum, Gaziantep










We are grateful to our Strategic Supporters and Sponsors:

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