Five-Year Goals

Five-Year Goals 2017-2021

Global Thinkers Forum has prioritized the topics and issues that form its five-year action agenda:




One of the main challenges that thought leaders need to resolve is that of a very large global economy and the very limited capacity of traditional governments and international institutions to govern this economy. This asymmetry can only lead to failing governance, not only in emerging markets where often the absence of good governance has long been one of the biggest obstacles for its progress, but also in the developed markets. Our world needs inspiring leaders who can create an ecosystem of trust for progress and development by communicating openly in order to achieve engagement and high performance.


GTF aims to develop wiser and more accountable leaders on a global scale. As part of this goal we have set some dynamic action points :

  • We closely monitor global trends and weak signals in the political, geostrategic, economic, business and social arenas.
  • We work by engaging leaders and thought leaders with strong commitment towards ethics.
  • We map, link, collect and integrate information from across the international system.
  • We run two mentoring progammes, as part of our initiative Global Thinkers Mentors, that focus on developing the leadership skills of youth and women.
  • We create events to help share knowledge and establish common best practices among the wide spectrum of leaders and thought leaders involved in governance, business, society, academia.
  • We organise workshops and seminars around Leadership.
  • We help leaders integrate new value propositions, innovative structures, forward thinking and ethical processes in order to create the right solutions for their people.


a. Social Entrepreneurship

As part of the accountable leadership focus, GTF aims to support entrepreneurial endeavours that are tied up with social causes or/and serve a social purpose. GTF aims to help young or/and aspiring entrepreneurs realise their dream by providing them with knowledge and contacts that can help transform an idea from a vague concept to a real venture. To serve this goal :

  • We encourage the triangle of collaboration between the public sector, the private sector and civil society.
  • We create results-driven conversations.
  • We partner with organisations that actively support social entrepreneurship.
  • We create opportunities and networking events for young entrepreneurs.


b. Strategic Philanthropy
An equally important part of GTF’s accountable leadership focus is Strategic Philanthropy. GTF aims to expand the idea of values-based leadership and all stakeholder accountability. Accountable organisations are those who care about society as much as they do for their bottom line. GTF promotes the principles of strategic philanthropy in order to help organisations invest strategically, while giving back to society. To further that goal :

  • We partner with organisations with long term commitment and strong track record towards positive social change.
  • We run workshops that educate companies, organisations and foundations on strategic philanthropy and impact giving to reinforce and encourage the culture of giving towards positive social change.
  • We promote role models in Philanthropy.



We believe that women have a very influential role to play in shaping a new ecosystem for social progress and excellence. Our world needs women forerunners who can understand that collaboration is key for progress and sustainable development and will seek partnerships with obvious and unanticipated stakeholders. It needs women leaders who know that it’s all about the people and they will serve ideas and values for a large vision. It needs women leaders who will take steps to achieve extensive impact and will also look to develop new leaders on various levels and across all sectors in order to foster growth.


GTF aims to strengthen the role of women leaders worldwide :

  • We support and reinforce lifetime education for women.
  • We help train incumbent and future women leaders across all sectors and disciplines.
  • We engage ourselves in campaigns that support Women’s rights and equal participation worldwide.
  • Through our initiatives and mentoring programme, we open new pathways for women to progress and succeed and we build their capacity to be effective leaders.
  • We create opportunities for knowledge exchange and collaboration between women across all continents.
  • We break down stereotypes relating to gender issues.




At GTF we believe that the future is here and by supporting youth development we are convinced we can make the world a better and brighter place. For this goal :

  • We provide youth with the opportunity to be mentored for issues of career and life by global thought leaders through our global mentoring platform.
  • We provide the opportunity to students and young people to attend GTF events and workshops free of charge.
  • We create opportunities for youth to be part of the GTF knowledge production.
  • We create opportunities and networking events for young entrepreneurs.
  • We unlock the potential of current and future generations through training.

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