Ziya Gokcek

CEO, Umde

Ziya Gökçek graduated from Robert College School of Chemical Engineering in 1969; worked with Fako Pharmaceuticals from 1971 till 1974 as Project Manager, worked with Mustafa Nevzat Pharmaceuticals and Pak Holding from 1974 until 1994 as Member of the Board of Managers responsible from investments and technical matters. Founded Umde Engineering Co. Ltd. in 1994 and is currently managing the company with a highly skilled and experienced team of managers.

Umde Engineering Co. Ltd. has been providing services covering the expertise of various engineering disciplines such as chemical, mechanical, electrical-instrumentation, civil, process and process control engineering within the scope of chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries to realize turn-key plants with (1) basic and detailed engineering capabilities, (2) fabrication of process equipment at the highest quality standards and (3) mechanical, electrical and instrumentation systems installations for complete coverage. Since 2008 Umde’s efforts have been concentrated on waste to energy systems, with total elimination of all kinds of wastes with modern gasification technologies with no damage to the environment.