Sezer Cihan

Secretary General, Union of Historical Towns & Head, Reconstruction & City Planning Department, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality

Sezer Cihan was born in 1968 and grew up in Denizli. He graduated from Engineering Faculty of Selcuk University as a Survey Engineer. Between 1990-1999, he began work at the Municipality of Denizli as an engineer. He carried out the duty of reconstruction directorate in same municipality between 1999-2003. From 2003 he worked as vice mayor until 2005.

Since June 2005, he has been working in Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep, as head of reconstruction and city planning department. In the meantime, he has been carrying out hundreds of restoration works and for miles and miles street rehabilitation projects for conserve and survive cultural heritage in Gaziantep. In the same time, Mr. Cihan has become secretary general of the Union of Historical Towns in 2012 and he has put his knowledge and experiences on cultural heritage, for servicing of other municipalities as general secretary in Turkey. Mr. Cihan who has multiple areas of interest and business, is carrying out the duty planning, designing and actualizing of 32000 hectare ecological area for sustainable environment as the first time in Turkey. He stated that, this works which is focus on sustainable environment in the light of new vision, has created excitement and motivation in his business life.