Fatih Baltaci

President, Divid (National Gas Importer & Exporters Association)

M.Fatih Baltaci is the President of DIVID (Natural Gas Importers and Exporters Association) and he is also founder and chairman of Akfel Holding that is established in 1995 and specialized in natural gas and power supply, trading and engineering through its affiliates. Akfel Holding is the biggest private natural gas importer in Turkey.

Akfel also supplies its customers with green energy from its renewable portfolio, trades in the wholesale spot market and has been one of the pioneers in the trading of power across the borders. Akfel’s team has also carried out various EPC and consultancy projects on a range of energy infrastructure projects in natural gas and power supply and distribution in Turkey and in the region.
Mr. Baltaci has been the President of DIVID ((Natural Gas Importers And Exporters Association) since 2011.
Fatih Baltaci has been graduated from Bogaziçi University with B.S. in mechanical engineering. He has been the Honorary Consul of Malawi since 1999 . He is member of TUSKON, DEIK and Turkish Chamber of Mechanical Engineers.