Reem N. Bsaiso

Founder & Managing Partner Global Outreach/ Consultant

Reem is a Senior Consultant specializing in knowledge economy policies and public reform; her focus is on merging ICT in Education and national training schemes, working with international agencies on ICT in Education in the MENA region, such as World Bank, UNESCO and EU Investment Bank.

She’s an advocate of Open Education Resources (OER), part of the US Department of State “Open Book Initiative” with the League of Arab States, and member of the UNESCO-Paris Advisory Panel of Experts on Debt Swaps & Innovative Approaches to Education Funding. She is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the new Global Outreach, to bridge knowledge across the Gulf and between West and East. Reem is ex-CEO of World Links Arab Region and World Links International, initiated by the World Bank committed to spreading and merging ICT-based Knowledge Economy & Entrepreneurial skills in education and training of youth and women. She has created scalable and sustainable schemes that reached millions of students and youth through highly effective and low-cost models. She was part of the Prime Ministerial National Agenda of Jordan for the Labour, Employment & Vocational Training and Education components. In 2002 – 2003, she initiated Jordan’s first National ICT Training Strategy, anchoring ICT-literacy, e-learning and technical maintenance in public education under a UNDP/ Government of Jordan scheme.