Sajeda Shawa


In 2018, Ms Shawa has joined the team of the United Nations Secretary General Assistant Secretary General António Guterres – as a “Senior Advisor” for the Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for Syria crisis in Jordan – Mr. Panos Momtsiz. Ms. Shawa’s mandate focuses on three main pillars; partnerships, resource mobilization and advocacy. The role facilitates bridging the partnerships gap with the Arab world, and Gulf states in particular along with Arabic advocacy and Arab speaking audience via traditional media means along with social media.

Prior to that. in 2015, Ms. Shawa has joined the advisory team of the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Mon Assistant Secretary General – The Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for Syria crisis in Jordan as “Humanitarian Affairs Officer”. Ms. Shawa’s portfolio varies at the technical and operational level, to build and maintain relations with partners obtain and analyze information in order to inform the strategic development and coordination of a comprehensive regional plan for the Syria Crisis. She is responsible for supporting regional coordination with all United Nations Agencies, Inter Agency Standing Committee (IASC) partners, as well as representatives from IFIs including the World Bank, IMF and IDB, development partners, government representatives and donor organizations as well as other partners and institutions in the region.

She is tasked in particular with overlooking the coordination and linkage between the Arab states – Gulf States in particular - and the regional Syria crisis team among other additional roles of establishing a dialogue with the private sector and innovation stakeholders within the wider humanitarian community. She was a key team member in the World humanitarian summit - the first of its kind in the history of UN - reshaping the humanitarian goals and objectives guaranteeing the involvement of the various stakeholders of the humanitarian world –especially in the MENA region.

Before joining UN OCHA, Ms. Shawa has compiled a total of 12 years of experience in the humanitarian field. She was the regional humanitarian programs officer at the European Commission Directorate General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO). She worked on the humanitarian files in the Middle East & North Africa region; mainly the Iraqi crisis, and was part of the surge capacity during the Libyan crisis in Egypt, and the Syria crisis team repeatedly in Iraq, Turkey, Egypt and Jordan. She additionally overlooked the humanitarian files in Egypt and Gulf Council Countries, and extensively facilitated the dialogue and outreach among the European Commission and the humanitarian Arab donors in the Arab region. She has actively represented the European Commission as a speaker, delegate, chair and moderator in numerous International & regional events in Jordan, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, KSA, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Turkmenistan and other countries. Before that, she worked with the USAID and the Italian Cooperation in support of the Palestinian refugees in Jordan.

Ms. Shawa is currently pursuing her studies at Harvard Kennedy School focusing on Organizing Humanitarian Leadership. Previously, she has obtained her BA in English Literature and MA in International Studies and humanitarian Diplomacy – with a major focus on the resilience of Monarchies during the Arab spring, and minor focus on the humanitarian landscape in the Arab region.