Developing Better Leaders

Leaders are, by definition, at the pinnacle of any society’s largest organizations. Their actions have the capacity to change the course of history. Be it business, social, academic or political leaders. And this is a major responsibility. Let’s come to successful leadership now. There is not as big a margin for personal interpretation here: a successful leader is he or she who opens news pathways for positive change and progress and their decision-making adds value to people’s lives. That’s it. It has to be clear, specific and positive. Are leaders made or born? Let’s for a moment forget the ‘talent’ or the ‘high IQ’ arguments. Studies have shown that neither is worth anything without motivation, guidance, encouragement and hard, hard and even harder work. You need to be ten times faster and work ten times harder to succeed as a leader. Leaders are made. They are the result of a never ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience. Leadership is learned.

Leadership & Emotional Intelligence at GTF

Successful leadership is affected by culture. Cultural legacies are weighty powers. They have profound roots and extended lives, they hold on, pass from one generation to another, virtually whole, and even when the economic and social and demographic conditions that brought them forth have vanished. In fact they play quite a function in steering behavior and thinking, so much so that often we could not comprehend our world without them. Leaders have their particular notable identity. But at the same time overlaid on top of that are tendencies and suppositions and reflexes passed on to them by the history of the community that they grew up in, the culture they were raised by.


GTF aims to develop better leaders. As part of this goal and dynamic action, GTF organises workshops and seminars around Leadership. In Amman GTF co-organized with Better Business and the well known leadership coach Suhail Jouaneh a highly successful session on Leadership and Emotional Intelligence.

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